The Organic Garden Program

Our garden program is delivered to youth incarcerated at the Marin Juvenile Hall

The Organic Garden first and foremost is FUN! Students get outside, dig in the dirt and experience real connection to the earth.  Throughout the curriculum, natural connections are made with those who came before us, and how all life comes from earth’s bounty.  The garden program is guided by three simple questions:

  1. How can growing a garden help us feel more connected to nature, less stressed, and more at peace?

  2. How can the wisdom of indigenous people help us improve our physical health and emotional wellness?

  3. How can we use the skills that we learn in the garden to help us to be successful during probation, in school and in life?

From there, seeds are planted and hope is cultivated.  Students gain a deeper understanding of the current global food system and food justice, while learning the basic principles of organic gardening, healthy eating, stewardship and the abundant life that begins with the soil.

“When we grow plants from tiny seeds, we give them what they need to grow strong. We talk about what we need to grow strong too.”

- Youth in Marin Juvenile Hall Garden