Emotional Literacy

Our emotional literacy programs are delivered to youth who are incarcerated inside the Marin Juvenile Hall and the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center

The Power Source curriculum by Bethany Casarjian, Ph.D., and Robin Casarjian, M.A. is a proven, evidence-based SEL program for high-risk youth.  The curriculum is published by the Lionheart Foundation, Sponsor of The National Emotional Literacy Project for Youth at Risk.

Power Source equips adolescents with the social and emotional regulation skills they need to build healthy relationships, break intergenerational cycles of violence, addiction and other high-risk behaviors, and be successful in the workforce.

This unique and transformative program is both preventative and rehabilitative. Power Source guides highly at-risk adolescents and young adults in discovering their own resilience, while building the skills associated with healthy social and emotional development.
— The Lionheart Foundation

The purpose of bringing emotional literacy into detention centers is to allow students to sit in circle with their peers and experience support.  When students feel a human connection, it is possible for hopeful thoughts and feelings to emerge even during stressful times.  The Power Source curriculum is described by the authors as, “A course that gives participants an increased ability to read and understand the emotions that motivate their choices, perceptions and feelings, as well as teaching coping and stress management.”

“Power Source class takes me away from negative thinking.  It relaxes me. I have goals, and I’m thinking seriously.” - Unit 7 Youth, San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center